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American Boy meets Japanese Otaku: A Story for Legend

In the Summer of 2018, the lives of New York City-native Adam Boujida and a Tokyo-native Kazumasa Ito would come colliding by fate. What began as a simple conversation between two strangers supporting the burgeoning startup movement in Tokyo emerged a brotherhood formed on infinite trust while realizing they shared a common passion:

Building the bridge that connects Japan with the world.

Introducing AoiShip, the world's first global e-commerce platform for Japanese fashion.

Timeline of Events


Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Aoiship K.K. incorporated in Tokyo, Japan on September 25, 2018, established by co-founders Adam Boujida and Kazumasa Ito.

September 2018

B2C E-Commerce Platform

MVP goes live

AoiShip launches the first version of its B2C e-Commerce Platform to replace its usage of Shopify. Designers and Suppliers can now directly sell to AoiShip customers worldwide.

September 2019

Influencer Network

Matchmaking service for sellers and influencers

Coming soon, influencers worldwide will be able to join AoiShip's network as a partner, choose Japan brands to work with, and get compensated for completing curated campaigns. They will also be able to compare styles among peers, network with AoiShip's preferred brands, learn best-practices, and receive catered data reports to help you be the best influencer possible.

May 2020

Sellers Platform

Online technology for fashion brands

This will be the largest update to AoiShip. AoiShip fashion brands will gain access to B2B solutions and be able to take advantage of AoiShip's patent-pending social media API integrations and have the opportunity to optimize their supply chain from logistics to manufacturing.

September 2020
Completion of Phase 1

Our Fashion Brands

January 2020: A New Management Team.

Fashion & Marketing Boost

Gabrielle Chen joined us in January 2020, and came from MCM from her previous role as Head of Digital, E-Commerce, and CRM for the Japan market. She is a Harvard alumnus, a former fashion buyer, and has experience in a couture team working under Elizabeth Von Der Goltz (current Global Buying Director at Net-A-Porter). Her skill-set brings to the table a boost to our capabilities in Fashion and Marketing.

Management Team

Adam Boujida

CEO, Co-founder
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Kazumasa Ito

COO, Co-founder
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Gabrielle Chen

Chief Marketing Officer
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Board of Advisors

Kenshi Shojaku

CEO, Info Athletes, Inc.

Jordan Fisher

CEO, Zehitomo, Inc.

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