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Online Technology for Fashion Brands

Fashion brands already in business with AoiShip will be able to upload their latest product directly, plug-in via API for live inventory integration, customize, request, and procure influencer campaigns to-the-"t", gain access to analytics by product, evaluate AoiShip's logistic proposals for cost-saving considerations, expand into new markets and territories worldwide, personalize their aoiStore, protect inventory through InsurTech, network with AoiShip's top designers and brands to gain knowledge and best-practice, automatically settle payments, and receive 24/7 email support.

Who We Are Looking For:

designers, designers and more designers!


  • The world of fashion, long-dominated by Europe, is seeking something new. 1
  • Because customers and influencers are craving something uniquely different, like fashion from Japan. 2
  • Because you seek to disrupt an antiquated fashion industry by sharing your fashion digitally beyond your borders. 3

We offer a global, digital stage to the person we need the most:

You. The innovative fashion designer.

Let's show the world what you're made of! Let us grow with you in your artistic journey!

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Start selling right away, at no risk and no cost. We bring you the customers, and save you time with our technology so you can focus on creating fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

AoiShip is an e-commerce marketplace where influencers around the world can earn by shopping online for your clothes and your fashion, allowing customers to discover, fall in love with, and purchase your art, design, and creative vision.

Clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, even watches. If it's "wearable", it's "sellable", and you can begin selling right away after registration and verification.

There is no risk to list your products on our platform, this is totally free. AoiShip earns by charging a commission around 30% of each sale, allowing us to be aligned and motivated to help you sell globally.

After you register, someone from AoiShip will contact you with the information you provide to get started. It helps speed things up if you prepare 10 SKUs, accurate sizing and measurements, as well as high-quality images of your items.

Once we begin to chat with you, we'll ask that you specify your bank account. These details are collected as we onboard you to join. Typically you'll receive your earnings 15 days after the close of each calendar month period.

To help you sell your fashion as quickly as possible, we operate by "consignment", meaning, we ask you to send us your inventory to stock in our own warehouse. If it's in our warehouse, then it's listed on our website. The inventory always belongs to you 100% of the time until an order is made. Since we handle our own supply chain operations, if anything happens to your stock, we will make sure you don't suffer the loss.

Any fashion brand who operates in Japan can apply to be a Seller. After registration we will then ask you for product information for quality check and authenticity. We also will ask for basic financial information of your company.

Our items are available to ship worldwide. Anyone with valid shipping address and payment may purchase on AoiShip. Our marketing efforts at the moment are focused towards the Asia-Pacific region, especially Southeast Asia and China. This of course will eventually expand to more and more regions as we grow.