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Have an Instagram account? Do you enjoy Japanese fashion? Now you can shop for what you love direct from Japan right from your fingertips through our platform. The best part about that? You'll get paid to do so by registering to join on AoiShip's BlueBoost™ network.

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So you've bought your favorite pair of pants that just arrived, or that fancy luxurious gala dress you were eyeing from us. You had a great time sporting it, and you want to show off to your friends on social media. Why not get paid for something you're already doing?

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You posted the perfect photo with your best angle wearing that awesome apparel you bought from us. If you want, you can sign in and generate your own personalized influencer promo code to give a 5% discount to your friends and followers that asked you where you got it. If they buy it? Congratulations, you've just earned your first set of BlueCoin.

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You've been on a tear with your fashion sense. Your friends even call you "Fashion Influencer". Because of it, you've amassed a ton of BlueCoin. What can you do it with it? Two options: 1) Shop for more fashion from us, or 2) Exchange it on the Facebook Libra blockchain to earn income.

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