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“Veritecoeur” this brand name means sincerity and devotion.

Our designer is trying to make the most of the materials’ desirable features and cherishes how the clothes are comfortable when they are worn. You can feel the warmth from the craftsmanship. Our manufacturers are hoping shoppers’ making their clothes their own pieces by wearing and washing the clothes. The creations are designed with picturing customers lifestyles and their designs make the lifestyle enriched with happiness.

Veritecoeur et ses COPAINS
Veritecoeur et ses COPAINS is another unisex line of Veritecoeur. You can feel the recent fashion from the designs but the clothes are simple and will be great combinations with the clothes which have been in your wardrobe.Our products’ sizing are based on men’s size, so mainly they are oversized but really balanced. Also the pants style based outfits we are providing are perfect for sophisticated daily outfits. We have been launching some new creation through the collaborations with COPAINS (=impressive people and objects) as well.

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