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FIeld of Pine is a unisex apparel brand providing relaxing wear made of 100% cotton pile fabric from Imabari, Ehime prefecture, Japan.The fabrics are greatly soft and high-quaritied.
Since their products are more stylish than other brands’ relaxing wear, you can wear their clothes not only as a roomwear but also as a daily outfit. They do not even choose the scenes which we can wear them. For example, the pile fabric is excellent for hanging-out at a resort such as the beach and poolside. 

Also they are perfect for active wear, thanks to the Quick dry and quick absorption of the material. 

One of the iconic points of their products is the bee logo, and the designer is getting inspiration from nature from the view of the bee , such as flowers, leaves, and the sunset to decide colors and patterns.

Field of Pine provides you a special moment with their high quality and comfortable items

Imabari made towels: With less rain and warm climate, and less hardness and less impurities, the high quality water made Imabari develop with towel industry. This natural soft water brings out great color when dyeing, and softness for fiber. With 100years old history, they have their own traditional fabrication technique to care for environment. This is an eco-friendly, safe and secure fabric. It also has high water absorption which quickly catches sweat and water, and retains heat.

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