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Designer/CEO: Shunsuke Koike
He was born in Nagano prefecture in Japan. Since his parent’s home used to run sericulture business, he had been having a passion in the stories the materials have and how to use the materials, so he develops textiles as well.

2011 Graduated from Nihon University
During the university life, he was a part of the fashion club at Waseda University, and he worked as an assistant designer at a Tokyo collection brand, “motonari ono”.

2013 Graduated from Centra1 Saint Martins College of Art and Design Foundation
2013  Won one of the awards of TOKYO NEW DESIGNER GRAND PRIX
2014 Started ko haction (15ss〜)
2015 Found Shunsuke Koike
2016 Started to develop textile companies such as “デニちり(Deni-Chiri)”
2017 Developed “紗のカッパ(Sa-no-kappa)” in Kyoto
2019 Started a textile brand called “scratch” in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

Introduction for ko haction
ko haction improve traditional textiles from all over Japan, and make high quality daily outfits with using those textiles.
Our brand’s concept is “To grasp clothes not as a noun but as a verb directing the action.”
As a designer, we support the possibilities found in “material manufacturing process” and “modeling” with methods that are not confined to common sense, and are working on experimental manufacturing that creates functionality and playfulness.
Mainly specializing in silk products, as a designer brand, we have developed a lot of projects based on the development of original material brands in cooperation with production areas and regions, while using materials used for domestic kimonos in the collection. We are developing products while standardizing products with the rights of fabric brands and shapes.

Our textile brands

Deni Chiri ... A new material jointly developed by our company and the Tango Association, applying the technology of Tango Chirimen, a traditional textile from the Tango region of Kyoto. The functionality of past traditional materials has been redefined while applying Chirimen's original technology. Features a wide range of versatility and originality.

紗のカッパ Sa - no - Kappa
Silk crest weave is a high-quality fabric used in kimono haori, and is very difficult to weave. When this material overlaps from the woven structure that is entangled, moire occurs and it is see-through so it feels cool and cool.
By applying a special water-repellent finish to this material, we developed a silk rain material that does not stuffy.

Dyeing is a unique dyeing method developed in Japan during the Meiji period.
Towels, furoshiki, and yukata that have been dyed without the back and front, and yukata are dyed using the dyeing technique.
Dyeing is a type of dyeing that pours a dye on a fabric that has been dye-resisted and layered using a special glue, allowing you to dye many colors at once.
This special dyeing method allows the poured dye solution to penetrate to the core of the yarn, so that any pattern can be dyed on the woven fabric. The special dyeing technique was interpreted as a stencil dyeing technique for dyeing the yarn core. Only the surface is dyed separately, and then dyed.
A fabric that utilizes a new technique that, when used, penetrates a richly colored stencil into a thread that is difficult to dye to the core.

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