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Brand Concept

“Personality which is one’s own  true character is the person’s weapon and treasure.” 

Brand story
Using photos of the director’s father who is/was( → we can understand in both ways in Japanese) a photographer as the original prints which are beautiful and devoted all the spirit and make them more contemporary fashion to provide the generations who are interested in music with strong messages and fashion as an art.

Director Profile

Taisei Harada 
IIIPIC Inc. CEO / Director / Opinion Leader
Born in March 6th, 1999
Born and Raised in Tokyo, Setagaya
Played baseball when he was in elementary school
In 2016, entered an actors’ school and learned fundamental skills as an actor
In 2017 graduated high school and entered Vantan Design Institute, Fashion Produce major
In 2018, experienced modeling
He started his career as a fashion director and the opinion leader of IIIPIC
He started his brand business to express his sense through the fashion with making use of his experience from training to be an actor.
In 2017 september, “IIIPIC / Threepic” débuted

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