Welcome to aoiShip : Luxury and Street fashion from Japan.

Fashion E-Commerce

We are a Tokyo-based company dedicated to Japan's fashion industry. We help Japan fashion brands influence the world.

From Japan to the World

Our mission

is to translate undiscovered Japanese craftsmanship into marketable stories through our self-developed platform technologies. We deliver fashion apparel and products sourced from partner brands to online shoppers worldwide through our e-commerce services..

We are observing

a major shift happening in the world of fashion as eyes turn towards beautiful Japanese design and the influence of Tokyo Streetwear and High Fashion. We believe it is only the beginning. The future of fashion is Japan.

We are here to accelerate that.
Come aboard our ship and join the movement!

Japan Sourced

Our fashion selection is originated from top designers in Japan. We source fashion from local shops to large, popular brands from specific areas of Tokyo such as Aoyoma, Daikanyama, Harajuku, Omotesando, and Shibuya. We also source from Osaka and other regions of Japan.

Fully-owned EC platform

As an e-Commerce company we are Technology driven. We fully own our development, making us capable of high customization for designers and influencers, as well as creating our own algorithms through data science. Learn more about our EC platform below.

Fashion wear centric

We specialize strictly in the wearable fashion and apparel segment. We wear it, we own it, we want everyone to know it. We are entering a new world fashion era, and it is why we created aoiShip.

We love Street Wear and High Fashion

From the streets of Osaka to the affluence of Aoyoma, we provide and seek only the unique designers who display impeccable craftsmanship and passion through their apparel.

Our Goals

Over 10,000+ Influencers connected
Over 10 million customers within reach
Over 100+ fashion brands from Japan supplying the latest apparel
One platform to uncover what the world is waiting for from Japan

Self-developed E-Commerce platform for fashion industry

B2B E-Commrce

From September 2019, customers may shop online for Streetwear, Luxury Apparel, Shoes, Sneakers, and Wearable Accessories from over 100+ exclusive fashion brands to choose from, providing fashion wear items never seen before from Tokyo, Osaka, and other select areas from Japan.

Fashion Brands and Designers will be able to directly sell to aoiShip's customers worldwide.

Influencer Network

Influencers will be able to showcase to their audiences the latest trends and fashion by collaborating with fashion designers from Japan, while also earning income and gaining global status. Influencers will also be able to compare how they benchmark among peers, with additional income awarded to top performers by referral.

Sellers Platform

Fashion brands from Japan will be able to track live inventory, orders, payments and shipment information as they are happening, benchmark KPIs among peers, and receive suggestions on how to improve speed and reduce expense, increasing the bottom line.

Designers will also be able to register automatically to sell products instantly, upload media, and create marketing campaigns with aoiShip Influencers, reducing the need for manual assistance.


Sellers partnered with aoiShip by launch of this service will gain access to tools which will provide market-specific product recommendations and data-based insight to help strategic decision making for current and future product offerings.

FashionSense will allow the modern designer to seize not-so-obvious growth opportunities as they develop.